Service Terms and Conditions

  • Southern Thermal require a clear, safe, and accessible space to work at all times any delays will incur fees
  • If obstructing items are left in place, Southern Thermal cannot be held liable if these are damaged
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that work areas/surfaces are capable of supporting loads imposed by equipment & workers combined
  • If equipment and materials are planned to be delivered to the job address, adequate storage space must be provided by customer. The customer or its appointed representative must be on site to accept delivery of goods
  • Please inspect items for damage, don’t accept damaged items, please take a picture, and send to Southern Thermal
  • Some items may be heavy ensure correct manual handling is followed, may require multiple people
  • Southern Thermal are not responsible for any injuries
  • Once the goods are on site, they are your responsibility. Please ensure they are kept dry and secure
  • It is your responsibility to seek all necessary permissions from whom it may concern
  • All services (ie pipework, cables, controls) will be surface mounted unless otherwise requested, specified and quoted for
  • Any incorrect, damaged, or missing parts, materials or equipment not purchased by Southern Thermal or any wasted labour time will be charged and completion of works may need to be rescheduled
  • Southern Thermal do not accept responsibly for any existing system faults or incorrections
  • All parts and materials belong to Southern Thermal until full payment has been received
  • If detailed scaled drawings showing all services and building construction are not provided and signed off by Southern Thermal & the client. Southern Thermal will position services and equipment in a way that is most suitable. If alternative positioning is requested, it will require quoting and rescheduling
  • Servicing does not include investigating faults, parts or return visits


Cancellations or alterations to work schedules made within 30 days of scheduled start date or if Southern Thermal are unable to start for any reason, the deposit will be non-refundable or additional charges will be applied.

Exclusions and Variables charges:

  • Asbestos removal and liability
  • Decoration of any disturbed areas
  • Works other than stated
  • Builders works
  • Parts not included within quote, Servicing doesn’t include any parts unless stated Pipe freezing Existing services integrity Valve or seal/gasket Failure Water Damage Further faults can become apparent during works, these will require pricing separately
  • Access equipment (other than steps & ladders 5m max) Access to all areas where required when required
  • Removal of waste materials can be quoted for if requested. Metal items will be collected separately
  • Removal of items obstructing works
  • Paid parking unless allowed for in quote Drain points must been fitted at lowest points
  • Isolation valves should be fitted where required
  • Bleeding any excess air from system once left site
  • Adequate services to include but not limited to, power supply, gas, water, drainage
  • Southern Thermal do not cover the set-up of wifi/app controls
  • If any additional works are required, not included within the quote
  • Please note the works will need to be scheduled and dependant on our availability
  • Outdoor works are dependent on weather, if works cannot be carried out due to poor weather conditions, they will need to be rescheduled
  • If an on-site survey/service visit has not been carried out by Southern Thermal, Southern Thermal cannot be held responsible should there be any errors with incorrect information provided to Southern Thermal

Warranty Cover

  • Systems will need to be serviced by Southern Thermal within a minimum frequency of 12-months. It is the customers reasonability to ensure this is carried out. Booking a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice in advance
  • Cover is subject to the manufacture honouring it
  • Cover will be void, if another person/company other than Southern Thermal, carries out any works, relating to any part or connection to the system
  • No cover is provided to wifi/app controls
  • Cover will be void if:
    • any form of incorrect usage is identified
    • any heating or cooling loads are altered from the design stage
    • if there is any outstanding debt
    • if there are any alterations to the room of building sizes
  • Cover for parts and labour only applies to boilers, parts only for everything else